FAQs- Bourbon Whiskey

Does it contain alcohol?

It does not contain alcohol.

Is this chocolate organic?
Can I purchase 27g bars?
What is the shelf life of this chocolate?
Do you use real whiskey?
Do you deliver pan-India?

Yes, we deliver to all locations that are serviceable by Blue Dart.

Is international shipping available?
How do you ship your chocolates?
How long does it take for the delivery?
What if chocolate melts?
What is Honest Ingredients?

It means we use high quality and authentic raw materials to make our chocolates

  • We use Fine Flavour cocoa beans; no cocoa powder/solids
  • We use brown sugar; not the refined white kind
  • We don't use Soya Lecithin; instead, we use NON-GMO Sunflower Lecithin
  • We use rich and pure cocoa butter; no hydrogenated vegetable oil (or dalda)
  • We use real fruits, spices, nuts, and floral distillates; no vanilla or chocolate flavours
Why do you use Sunflower Lecithin instead of Soya Lecithin?
What do you use in place of Palm Oil?
Muscovado Sugar VS White Sugar
Are you available in offline stores?

Yes, we are availabe at 300+ outlets in 28 cities. Click here to find your nearest store.

Where else can we buy online?