About us


Named after two Latin American fine cocoa farmers, Paul And Mike would love to show you how great fine flavour chocolate can be. We believe farming and fermenting cocoa is both art as well as science. That the purest chocolate doesn't have to be bitter. And that everyone deserves great chocolate.

We are headquartered in Kochi, Kerala and grow and ferment cocoa on our own farms in Kochi and Coimbatore. Also, we source wet cocoa beans from progressive farmers in Kerala and Andhra and take care of the entire post-harvest operations. Our chocolate making unit is based in Kochi, just a km away from our cocoa farm. You are most welcome to drop by anytime for a farm-to-bar tour and learn from our agronomists and chocolate-makers.



Paul And Mike is backed by Synthite – a USD 200 million natural food ingredients company headquartered in Kochi. In addition to being a trusted supplier of natural ingredients to the top food companies in the world, Synthite owns two more food brands- Sprig and Kitchen Treasures.