Fine flavour cocoa beans, no cocoa powder solids. Muscovado sugar, not the refined white kind. Rich, pure cocoa butter; no hydrogenated vegetable oil. Non-GMO sunflower lecithin, instead of soya lecithin. No added vanilla or chocolate flavours. Nothing artificial. Only real fruits, nuts, spices and pure floral distillates.

By 2023, every Paul and Mike bar you eat will help reduce CO2 from the environment.

Just in case you needed a second reason to eat more chocolate. We do everything in our power to reduce our carbon emissions and secure our children's future. 


Only the best natural ingredients will do.


Corporate Office 

Synthite Industries (P) Ltd, Kadayiruppu, Kochi, Kerala,

India 682 311


+91 7994035554


Corporate / Bulk Enquiries

Vikas Temani : +91 93875 85065

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